Employees are partners

Through a shareholding trust scheme, Tankerska plovidba makes every employee a partner in the company. Thus, every employee has both a voice in the operation and a share of the company's profits. Tankerska plovidba is a mission driven company. Managers approach is based on:

Dedicated and highly competent

At Tankerska plovidba, we believe our crew is our greatest asset. Highly qualified, they pride themselves on being team players who are motivated and dedicated to the company. Crew are locally recruited from the Zadar region with its tradition of seafaring. Most of them stay with the Company throughout their careers - against a world average of four years with any one company. The majority studied at the Zadar Nautical College. They serve on the same vessels many times, frequently on the same teams, they know their colleagues and the ship's operations thoroughly, they speak the same language. All of the crew members are beneficiaries of the company's share scheme. Through sponsorship of the Zadar Nautical College, Tankerska plovidba ensures the future of the area's seagoing tradition.

Our fleet

Just as Tankerska cares for its seafarers, they take care of their ships. All vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for enhanced safety and environmental preservation. Technology is only as good as the people who manage it. For this reason, at Tankerska, we ensure that all individuals are well-acquainted with the ship's devices and systems, and for this purpose, continuous training and lectures are consistently held. We construct new ships in close collaboration with shipyards, sharing our years of experience and knowledge both in the design process and throughout the construction itself. We exclusively build in shipyards that can meet the high standards we insist upon.