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Our values

Commitment to Safety, Quality,Energy Efficiency and Environmental protection excellence is of the greatest importance to the Company's long term success and is therefore an integral part of our business plans.

At Tankerska plovidba, we believe our crew is our greatest asset. Highly qualified, they pride themselves on being team players who are motivated and dedicated to the Company.

Safety and quality policy

 The POLICY of the Company is to:

Promote safety on board vessels in order to protect the lives, well being of all personnel, maintain the integrity of the ship and its cargo and to protect environment from pollution risks.

Provide high quality service with modern, well-maintained vessels and with reliable, well-trained crews.

TANKERSKA PLOVIDBA is fully committed to providing transportation and delivery of cargoes in accordance with, or exceeding its customer needs, in a safe and efficient manner, in accordance with administration, national and international laws, rules and regulations, the highest level for the health and safety of its crews and protection of the environment and the good commercial shipping practice.

To fulfill our commitment we have put the following objectives:

  • To comply or exceed all regulatory requirements
  • To strive for zero harm to people and property by holding health and safety as our first priority
  • To strive for zero oil spills and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment
  • To manage our vessels to ensure reliable performance, structural integrity and the application of vessel standards
  • To enhance the competence of our people through training and career development
  • To use performance measures to continuously improve our operations

Top Management will continuously monitor realization of these objectives as a permanent goal of our Safety and Quality Management System.

The customers’ satisfaction is the focal point of our Company and their interests shall always be carefully considered.

The Company must work closely with our current and potential customers to understand the market trends in order to be able to offer a suitable service ahead of the competition.

The Company shall continuously improve safety and quality management skills of performance ashore and on board vessels, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.

Top Management fully supports this Policy and its objectives.

All personnel of TANKERSKA PLOVIDBA d.d. are strictly required to adhere to this POLICY by fully complying with the Company Safety and Quality Management System.

Environmental protection policy

The Company considers the preservation and protection of the environment as a paramount mission, thus taking all necessary actions to guaranty its fulfillment. Our Policy is to ensure that all owned or managed ships are operated to comply with all necessary requirements to protect the Environment and in compliance with the existing International Conventions, Administration or other applicable Regulations.
It shall be accomplished through the implementation of the following:

  • Taking precautions to protect through the environment in which the Company’s ships operate.
  • High standards in operating and maintaining Company’s ships.
  • Responding to hazards quickly, efficiently and with the minimum possible impact to the environment and natural resources.
  • Commitment to continuous improvements in our environmental performance and pollution prevention across all our activities.
  • Correct treatment and handling of cargo products being transported, bunker and lubrication oils purchased, paints, chemicals, solvents, other consumables materials and in order to comply with statutory rules and regulations.
  • Assessing identified risks for possible environmental impacts originating from the various environmental aspects of shipping business.
  • Train crew to prevent accidental and whenever possible operational discharges of pollutants to the environment.

All shore based and shipboard personnel are strictly required to adhere to this Policy by fully complying with all requirements of the Company as well as all applicable industry, administration, national and international regulations.

Drug and alcohol policy

The Company shall maintain a safe and healthy working environment free from use of drugs and alcohol.

No employee shall use a prohibited substance or inappropriately use prescribed medication under any circumstances.

All employees must comply with the zero alcohol limits whilst onboard.

Possession, consumption, distribution or sale of drugs and alcohol by any employee of the Company shall lead to instant dismissal and will render the person liable for legal procedures.

As a condition of employment, all vessel personnel may be required to submit to drug and alcohol testing through unannounced or routine medical examinations.

All personnel of TANKERSKA PLOVIDBA d.d. are strictly required to adhere to this POLICY by fully complying with the Company’s procedures and all applicable administration, national and international regulations.

Management Occupational Health & Safety Policy

The purpose of the Occupational Health & Safety Policy of TANKERSKA PLOVIDBA d.d. (hereafter called as Company) is to ensure that activities in connection with the ship’s maintenance and operation are carried out in safe manner in order not to cause any risk for the shipboard personnel. Company has to ensure that any personal accident or near accident is identified, evaluated and corrected in order to avoid similar situation as well as to improve the safety onboard and to be in compliance with the existing International Conventions, Administration or other applicable Regulations.
The Company has prepared following Occupational Health & Safety Policy:

  • The avoidance of risks, which among other things include the combating of risks at source and the replacement of dangerous practices, substances or equipment by non-dangerous or less dangerous practices, substances or equipment.
  • The evaluation of unavoidable risks and the taking of action to reduce them.
  • The adoption of work patterns and procedures which take account of the capacity of the individual, in respect of the design of workplace and the choice of work equipment, with a review in particular to alleviating monotonous work and to reducing any consequent adverse effect on shipboard personnel’s health and safety.
  • The adoption of procedures to take account of new technology and other changes in working practices, equipment, the working environment and any factors which may affect health and safety.
  • Giving collective protective measures priority over the individual protective measures.
  • The provision of appropriate and relevant information and instruction for the shipboard personnel.

The risk inherent in the working environment must be identified, evaluated and in consequence measures must be taken such to remove or minimize those risks, and so to protect shipboard personnel and others from those which are unavoidable.

Energy policy

Tankerska plovidba d.d. is committed to make efficient use of energy in the office and aboard its ships with the purpose of preserving natural resources, reducing atmospheric emissions and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Management will lead and promote energy efficiency programmes, ensuring that the organization works in accordance with the principles established in this Policy.

Tankerska plovidba has established objectives and targets in order to improve energy performance and reduce the GHG emissions of its facilities. In order to achieve them, Management will ensure the availability of the necessary information and resources.

Tankerska plovidba will support the purchase of energy-efficient products, services and design for energy performance improvement.

Tankerska plovidba will support the choice of the best solutions when renewing / updating of existing, or projecting of new processes and facilities, which could have significant influence on the energy performance.

Tankerska plovidba will continuously improve the use of energy resources in the office and aboard ships.

Tankerska plovidba will comply with the legal requirements in force and other requirements applicable to the ships and its offices related to energy performance, including energy efficiency and the use and consumption of energy.

Energy Efficiency Management Plan shall be specific for individual vessels and reviewed regularly by both the vessel and the Company senior management.

Tankerska plovidba considers that ‘complying and ensuring compliance’ with this policy is the responsibility of all individuals who take part in its activities.

Privacy policy

Gender equaliy and inclusion policy